Animal Kingdom


Dec 10 2010 Studio Broadcast 2

the second series of clips from our writing sessions for the next album

animal kingdom

Dec 03 2010 Studio Broadcast 1

broadcast no.1 – some clips from the demo’s we’ve been working on for the next record. we’re going to be putting some more up each week – some of these songs will be on the next album. some may never get further than this.

we’re pretty close now to the end of the writing – and we’re pretty happy with how its all sounding – it definitely sounds like a step on from the 1st record, while still sounding alot like us.

check back next week for some more

Dec 01 2010 Animal Kingdom Studio Radio Coming Soon

A n i mal k i ng d om STUDIO RADIO COMING SOON..

hey everyone – – we’re going to start sticking up some fragments of the demo’s we’ve been writing for the next record soon..